Increasing European lighting resources and competitiveness


Public, private or independent legal entities, projects or units embedded in larger organizations can submit application for membership of ELCA.

Eligibility is decided not by the legal status, but by the activities of the applicants, their purpose and range. The key element is that ELCA members must work across the value chains, involving more stakeholders in a broad sense:

  • Private manufactures of lighting, components and systems
  • Advisory or creative companies
  • Universities and educational institutions
  • Research, advanced technology centres and innovation systems
  • Demand side e.g. municipalities, regions, hospitals, construction business, retail, housing etc.
  • Citizens and organizations

Application must be directed to the Executive Committee and its chairman, the president elect of ELCA. The application will be studied immediately by the members of the executive committee who will announce a preliminary notion. Decision will be made on the annual general assembly. Until formal decision is made, the applicant often will be invited to participate in the ELCA meetings when possible and relevant.